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Computer Network Systems are Critical

Businesses Should Manage Technology as if it is Critical to their Business

Your Computer Network Systems are Critical to your business. It is not expensive to treat them this way; in fact it is now less expensive to proactively manage your computer network than it is to react to problems with your systems.

What can we do for you?

Most businesses and the I.T. Services firms, that are acting on their behalf, do not manage, they react. The reasons for this are simple:

1. Computer network systems have, in the past, been very difficult to manage. Constant break/fix problems became the norm; businesses and their service providers mentally succumbed to this being unavoidable and built their expectations and their business processes around the unstable nature of computer network system problems. This no longer is the case.

2. Proper management of computer systems was more expensive than reacting to computer system problems, in small and mid-sized deployments. It is now less expensive.

3. Information Technology has matured into ‘competencies’ that include experts in the field of computer network management for small and mid-sized businesses.

4. Managed Services was a buzzword for many years, but has now become available and ‘ready for prime time’ for small and mid-sized businesses.

Do not react to your computer systems, relationships, and expectations as if they were not critical to your business – it’s more expensive and more frustrating to do so than it is to get a reliable Managed Services partner such as Micro Byte Computers.

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Network Security

Usually people set up their wireless networks right out of the box without setting up Wireless Security. A couple years back a security company drove around Anchorage and found 8,000 business with no security on their wireless networks. What would it do to your business if someone deleted all you business files?

We will do a free security check of your home/business located in Anchorage and give you recommendations. If you are NOT located the Anchorage Metro, there will be a milage fee. Call 382-8397 for an appointment.